Friday , 18 April 2014
Latest Scoop on VoIP Industry

Rebtel Buy $1 Get $10 Offer for Easter

Rebtel $10 for $1 offer

Rebtel is world’s second largest VoIP service provider. Rebtel has come up with a new offer where they are giving away $10 for just $1. This is the best offer so far. Better than our 100% bonus offer. This is a bonus of 900%. Hurry up and recharge now as this is a limited time offer. With Rebtel’s cheap international calls you will make the most of this offer. This is the best offer ever. If you don’t get this, you need to see a doctor my friend.  Rebtel $1 for $10 Easter 2014 offer Rates with this Offer Here are ... Read More »

International Sim Cards for Travelers


We at CorVoIP mostly post about offers where people residing abroad can call their loved ones back home in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka etc. Today, we bring you a new VoIP service provider named Trikon dealing in international sim cards. Trikon is a VoIP phone service designed for Indians who want to connect with family, friends, and business anywhere in the world. Its rates make it easier and cheaper to make international calls. Plans start as low as Rs 140/month (~$2.5 per month). Its features include: Trikon international sim card plans There are two plans offered by Trikon. ... Read More »

Make Fake Calls and Surprise Your Friends

Make Fake Call

Hey friends do you love to prank your family, relative and co-workers and make them bakra. There are many people who love to prank their friends and enjoy themselves, that means when they are free they love to prank. There are many options to prank your friends like you can send prank messages, and you can make a call, you can send unusual thing to your friends. When surveyed we came to know that people like to call their friends and prank them. These people always search for the software that can give them an unknown number to make a call ... Read More »

Upcoming XPeria Z2 Phone D6503 Leaked

XPeria Z2

Sony Xperia is considered as a family for Sony smartphones and tablets. Since 2008, this line of phones has been manufactured. Sony Xperia first tablet was released under the brand in 2012. Some people think of the name Xperia, but do you know that the name Xperia is derived from the word “experience”. It was first used in Xperia X1 tagline. The Sony Xperia Z is a touchscreen mobile that is for Android high-end smartphone. This Xperia Z is designed, developed and marketed by Sony mobile. Xperia phone was announced by Sony in 2013 and was released on 9 February 2013 in Japan and 1 March 2013 in the UK. The Xperia Z runs the Android 4.1.2 operating system. Today we are here ... Read More »

Get a Phone Number in Every Country In The World

iNum Number

iNum is a service company who has the aim of making the world a real ‘global village‘. That means a world without borders and geographical distance. This company basically allows users to establish a while presence worldwide. Company provide users with phone numbers that starts with +883 global country code. This country code is created by the ITU. One can use a +883 number as a virtual number and be contacted through his phone and other communication device anywhere he/she is in the world. Today we are here to explain you that how you can obtain iNum, what iNum will cost ... Read More »

Verizon Challenged FCC Over Net Neutrality And Won


To see that how Verizon challenged FCC over net neutrality and won, first it is necessary to look over what net neutrality is and what it means for the Internet. In simple words we can say that net neutrality is about protecting the Internet as an “end-to-end” network. With this end users like you and me have the freedom to send anything to anyone and that too without any restriction. Or in other words we can say that it prohibits Internet providers from filtering, slowing or limiting the data traffic that flows over the network. There are a bunch of players involved like; First one is End ... Read More »

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