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Free and Cheap International Calling with Dingaling

Free and Cheap International Calling with Dingaling

Today in the world of globalization and liberalization, people are moving from one place to another. The reason for their moving may be anything like for Job, for business, for studies and they may go for permanent settlement. When they take such kind of steps to move far away from their country for any reason they also become far away from their family members and relatives. At that time people who’s family member goes far away they search for cheap or free international calling rate provider company. This is the topic of our today post, today we are here to explain you that Dingaling is the company that gives to free and cheap international calling. Will have a look over what Dingaling is, what are its features and calling rates given by this company.

Cheap International Calling with Dingaling

Know More about Dingaling

Dingaling is the service that allows you to make free local and long distance calls from your smart phone and Android phone. Not only this you can also make local and long distance calls from the web at cheap and excellent rates. Company has benefited that you can make call from your smart phone using the Dingaling Mobile App that is available on Google Play store, there are no contracts, you are free to call anywhere in the US and Canada and it gives you prepaid option for Android. Dingaling mobile helps you to message and make free and or inexpensive VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol ) calls over internet networks. You can make free or cheap internatinal calling to more than 11 countries including Canada (except Territories), Continental United States, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You can also look for Cheap International Calls with Tap4Call App and you can also get cheap calls from Rebtel.

Features of Dingaling Mobile App

There are various features that are included in Dingaling mobile app that make it different from other from other cheap and free international calling service providing companies. Without taking much of your time lets move on in listing the features of Dingaling mobile app.

  • Cheap International Calling with DingalingIt helps you to keep a history of your phone calls that are made from Dingaling Mobile as well as from the website.
  • You will get local 10 digit dialing for the US and Canada.
  • One of the best feature is that you just need to hold the “0″ button for international dialing.
  • Add commonly called contacts to a favourites list.
  • With the help of Dingaling mobile app you can display your name and phone number as caller ID when making calls.
  • You can forward, copy, and delete individual messages.
  • You can also check marks when an outgoing message is send and delivered.
  • Online, typing and last activity status.

Cheap International Calling

In this topic will discuss about the call rate that you can get at the time of calling. Here will list down some of the rates from some countries . Lets take an example that if you call from New York to London that is +1 212 555 0123 to +44 20 7946 0123 you will cost 0.5¢ + 1.0¢ = 1.5¢ per minute.

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If you want to know more about the call rate than you can visit this link for more calling rate of different countries. To call you have to first dial the number from where you are calling (Country Code + Area Code + Number) after that you have to dial the number to where you have to make call (Country Code + Area Code + Number). Both numbers will ring and the call will be connected for free.

We hope we have helped you in getting cheap international calling from our Corvoip blog site, so that you can make a call and talk for a longer period of time with your family and relatives. Share this post with your friends, so that they can also come to know about this cheap calling proving company. Give us your valuable comments and feedback by commenting in the comment box. Have a good day and have fun ahead.

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