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Sipgate to Cease their Services On 31st of October

Sipgate to Cease their Services On 31st of October

Bad news for the sipgate users, sipgate is going to cease their services on 31st of October. sipgate is a voice service provider based in Germany that also operates in Austria and United Kingdom. Services that sipgate provided were, free calls between sipgate users and offers fee-based calling packages. Sipgate also offers a fax service that help users to send fax. With the help of sipgate, user can upload a portable document format (PDF) file or compose a document with an online editor application. Users may also upload a PDF file or compose a document with an online editor application.

Sipgate To Cease Their Service

sipgate has mailed a letter to all its user that, sipgate services offered at are going to be cease on 31st of October. This letter contain the following message,

  • You will no longer be able to receive or make calls with your sipgate account’s phone number(s)
  • Account login at will not be possible
  • Emergency Services (911) will not be available via
  • Call records, billing history will no longer be available


There were many questions that have been asked by the users after hearing this new, and the questions were,

Q. Can we port our existing number(s) to another service provider?

A. Yes, you can port your sipgate account number to another service provider, but you have to do this before sipgate service closed down that is before 30th October. You only have to inform your new service provider and they will take all your responsibility for transferring the number.

Q. What will happen to our credit balance on our account?

A. sipgate will refund your remaining credit balance, by just providing your PayPal e-mail address and your Sipgate account number on Amount will be refunded onto your PayPal account.

Options other than sipgate

Their are various options that can be used other than Sipgate like Callcentric,, anveo and GoogleVoice which is a FREE option. We have discussed in our previous post about how you can set up Sipgate with Google Voice.

Problems that are to be faced by Sipgate users

There are various problems that can be faced by its users like, as it was the free calling service now people have to pay for call. Users have to do all the process of getting new service of calling from start. Features that were most loved by the users were,

  • There was no monthly fee and that they could use it send the occasional fax
  • Users can assign  an extension to call their friends Skype account
  • Voicemail
  • Calls list
  • Control your costs
  • Itemised billing
  • Crediting
  • Invoice
  • Call forking
  • Telephone book and Click-2-Dial
  • SMS dispatch
  • Competent Support
  • Free email support
  • Configuration information for over 50 SIP devices

Now users are worried about using other free call services, that weather those services will provide them the same features or not. Will other service going to be easy to use and free or not etc etc.. So this are the worries of people if sipgate is going to cease their service on 31st of October.

Let us know your worries about the sipgate ceasing their service on 31st of October, what problems and issues you will face if this will happen. Also let us known the other option that can be used other than sipgate. Give your feedback and comment for the same.

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