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VoIP Blocks by Governments Rendered Useless

VoIP Blocks by Governments Rendered Useless

VoIP services have proved to be a boon over the world. Voice over Internet Protocol is a system used to make cheap or free international calls throughout the world. These systems seldom require special devices and the prices are a marvel. Accordingly, there is very less compromise in call quality, it is quite feasible compared to the shockingly expensive regular calling. There are numerous VoIP call service providers in the market such as, BetaMaxx, Ringaplus and the winner of all, Yuppeephone! These service providers are always engaged in constant competition to bring out the best deals for you and almost every festival in the country is marked by outrageous discounts announced by Voip call service providers. However, the people of every country in the world are not entitled to these profitable ventures as there are a few countries that do not approve of the Voip call service availability.

The Countries That Have Banned VoIP

Some of the countries have decided to ban Voip for telecommunications purposes. This is not on demand by the citizens of the country but on decisions taken by the Government itself. Our readers from these  destinations always ask us if they can some way benefit from the information posted on CorVoIP. We believe that everyone over the world has a right to avail these services at their will and make cheap international calls. Therefore, Today we are going to tell you a service that lets you employ Voip from your pc to phone and internet telephony needs.  If you are living in one of these countries that ban the use of Voip call services, especially in UAE you must have yourself experienced helplessness in using VOIP services to make cheap international calls. The reason is that most of the VOIP providers are blocked in UAE.

The Solution For The Banned Country Citizens

If you are looking for a solution to use a VOIP service such as ActionVoip or VoipBlast this post will come to the rescue. Voip is blocked so you can not use any voip software/soft phone to make free calls to India or other cheap international calls. However, there is a service which let you make calls without downloading or installing any software. The service is called flaphone. This isnt illegal at any terms and allows you full access to the services.

The Plan That Is Offered By Flapphone

You can login to their website and use their flash based interface to make calls. You can add your voip provider’s information such as your account with ActionVoip and make calls as if you were using ActionVoip. Calls between flaphone users are always free.

Make sure you have credit in your actionvoip account and also that you have flash player installed on your system. Many users from UAE are already using this service which means it is working for them.

Let us know if you use this and it works for you. Thank you once again for your untiring support to our blog. Your comments are always welcome.

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