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Top 3 Apps for Free PC to PC Phone Calls

Top 3 Apps for Free PC to PC Phone Calls

One of the things I love about the Internet is how it has simplified the communication. Because of it, PC to PC communication has become simple. At first, it started with the e-mail. I can still remember when I used Yahoo Mail. It is the first time I got acquainted with e-mail. I was amazed on how I can send messages in a single click. And then it evolves to chat and free PC to PC Internet phone calls.

However, you can only do this with certain programs. Don’t worry. There are tons of programs that allow this but they vary in features. In the long list of softwares, here are the top three programs which I have personally used in the past to make free PC to PC phone calls. These are products that are not meant for VoIP calling but apps that were just for communication.

#3: Windows Messenger

Created by Microsoft, this is one of the first online message programs that allowed free phone calls provided that the other PC has downloaded and installed the messenger. It used to be called Live Messenger until Microsoft decided to change its name to Lync which now is getting merged with Skype. This used to be popular among hotmail users.

I can say that it is like a twin of Yahoo Messenger. I guess it is because their goal is to fuse e-mail with chat and calls.

#2: Yahoo Messenger

On the other hand, Yahoo Mail users have changed the way they communicate by upgrading to Yahoo Messenger. In here, they can chat and join groups where they can meet people with the same interests. It was until it has evolved and allowed calls that it became a very important communication tool among online users. I used to have this installed in my PC and I use to open it everyday.

#1: Skype

The only reason I no longer use Yahoo Messenger and Windows Messenger is because of Skype. I decided to switch because of the interface. Skype’s environment seems to be more refreshing than the other two. Windows Messenger looks too formal while Yahoo looks too childish. Skype is in the middle of those two and that’s why I love it.

But I guess what made Skype the top one PC to PC phone call program is the ability to hold conferences, share screens and have seamless video calls. The video calls in the other programs are a bit crappy compared to Skype. And the best part is that it has applications which you can install in different platforms such as Android and iOS.

With so many ways to communicate with anyone from any part of the world, you simply have no reason to not talk to anyone you love. Just ask them to download one of these applications to their PC and you’ll be able to contact them every time you want to. There’s no need for a landline or a cellular phone. You don’t even need to shoulder long distance call fees. The Internet is really powerful. Let us harness it to our benefit and use it to connect to our love ones and spread love all over the world.

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