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Latest Offer for $2 in Free International Calls

Latest Offer for $2 in Free International Calls

Do you have a relative studying abroad and you need to call him or her regularly? Do you have a business with global customers? Do you regularly call your friend or business partner who lives in another country? In all these situations, you would definitely want to find a way to save money on telephone calls.The regular phone calls can create a big hole in your wallet. However, VoIP service providers are known to reduce the cost of international calling. Voxcall is a prepaid calling service you can use to cut down the cost. Voxcall offers superior communication quality at cheap rates and free trial is available. We have always applauded the VoIP service providers who offer free trial credit to their users, for instance ChatTime App’s $3 in free international calls was a winner deal. This offer is a testimony to the fact that the operator is not scared of you leaving him. Instead, they believe in their services so much that you will come back for more once you have exhausted the free credit.

Free $2 credit for international calls

Upon registeration, you will get $2 free credit for you to call and test the quality of service. The best part is that you will not be asked to provide credit card information during register. You will get $2 worth of credit but the number of minutes depend on the rates to your country. Even though the rates are expensive than others, you might still love it for the quality at little higher rates. Anyways you can always try it for free and decide for yourself. Select the country and view the rates at their website to see if this offer is worth a try or not.

How it works

Voxcall provides a local access number in many cities in the United States of America, and there’s a toll-free access number for the whole country. When you want to make international calls, you just need to dial the access number, and then input the phone number you want to dial, according to the instructions you hear on the phone. Voxcall will automatically connect your call with your international contact.

Steps to get free calls

You can use Voxcall with any phone or landline phone (get one free yo!). Since you registered your phone number with Voxcall, you don’t need to enter a PIN, because Voxcall recognizes you. Please follow the steps below to get the $2 free credit and start using Voxcall. You are not bound by any contract. You can add money whenever you want.

  1. Go to the special offer page
  2. Complete the form in the page and hit “Start Free Trial”.
  3. In the next page, confirm your name, email and registered phone number and click “Sign Up”.
  4. Now you see the “Sign up complete” page. It shows your local access number and dial instructions. Please notice that you have $2 in your account already.
  5. The offer is good for every phone number you own. You can register your family members and they will each get $2 in their accounts. You can even use Google Voice phone numbers if you want but there is a manual check, which means they will call you on that number to verify that you are a real person who owns that number. This could be the hack for unlimited free international calls. However, we suggest against doing so as in that case VoxCall will simply terminate this offer.
  6. If you are satisfied with Voxcall, you can login to your account and add money.

Please enjoy your calling experience with Voxcall and tell us if you liked them. If you have any question feel free to comment or go to our forums and discuss about it in detail.

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