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Top 5 Free Texting Apps for Your Phone

Top 5 Free Texting Apps for Your Phone

Texting is one of the most popular means by which people exchange short messages with their friends and family. These days there are a lot of personal and professional uses of texting however when it comes to international numbers across continents, free texting apps supported by VoIP are the way to go. But you have no need to worry, there are a lot of free text apps now available that help you text chat with your friends and family or colleagues across the world.

You can start texting them by simply downloading these free texting apps on your phone, but the question is which one of the many to use. VoIP industry experts are predicting that  texting will not be a revenue generating service for wireless carriers due to the smartphone apps offering free text messages, being launched every now and then. This will obviate the services such as those offering free SMS to India and other countries. Well, we have done some homework for you and we bring you these 5 top free texting apps that you can have on your phone.


viber logoThe first in line is Viber, one of the leading international free texting app that has created quite a rage in the mobile market. The beauty of Viber is that it is free and you can also make calls over the internet and stay constantly in touch with your favorite people in the world. Viber can be downloadable on your mobile phone and you can get going. You can also share photos and be a part of each other’s life. You don’t even need to register or accept invitations to become a part of Viber family. You can use Viber on iOS and works the best with 3G of Wi – Fi. It is also available for Android and Blackberry. However, it is not as good for Blackberry, and Windows Phone, or Viber for Nokia Phones for that matter as it is for iPhone and Android. You an also get Viber for PC and Viber for Mac now.

Apple App store Android-store Blackberry-icon


whatsapp-logoWhatsApp is another popular texting application that has millions of users worldwide. Downloading it on your phone gives you instant access to all the contacts on your phone and create a special list for all your contacts on your phone. This makes it even easier for you to connect with people anywhere in the world. You can even share photographs and enjoy keep sake moments of your precious times together. Download WhatsApp using the following links. You can also get WhatsApp for PC.

Apple App store Android-store Blackberry-icon


heywire-logoThird on the list is Heywire which is a global messaging app that you can use with your android and Apple iPhones and other smart phones. Enjoy social medias on this application too so that you are never away from your favorite people in the world.  With special themes to personalize the entire experience for you, Heywire is an amazing choice to make and you can directly download it on your phone for free to enjoy uninterrupted messaging services.

Heywire at Apple App store HeyWire on Android-store


fring-logoAs a popular means to connect and interact with your friends, Fring gives you great benefits by allowing you free texting, audio and video calls and a lot more. You can now stay in touch with your best people in the world and that too without worrying about expensive call bills. What’s more is Fring allows you group chats too where all your friends can get together and have some really good times. Fring can be downloaded on Nokia, Apple iPhone, and Android phones. There are websites offering Fring for PC as well.

Fring at Apple App store Android-store

Google Voice

google-voice-logoWith Google’s announcement that Google Voice will be free for 2013 as well, Google Voice has made it to our list. You can use Google Voice for international texting as well by applying a little hack. It is backed by Google and hence you can count on the reliability of this service as well as ability to scale in the future. In order to get Google voice on your phone just visit from your phone and if the app is available for your phone you will be able to download it straight away.

Needless to say all these apps have added to the beauty of the communication world making it by far easier and cheaper for us to stay in touch.  Which one are you using?

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  1. I love WhatsApp on my phone. I have never used texting or calling long distance or international after I got WhatsApp. Some of my friends use Viber so I also have Viber but most of the times I am on WhatsApp.

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