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New Wi-fi with Faster Internet, More Capacity

New Wi-fi with Faster Internet, More Capacity

Step back for a second and think how much our lives depend on connectivity with the rest of the world. Gone are those days when kids played on the grounds, a book meant a paperback, recipes were handwritten and passed down from generation to generation, office work could only be done in the office and relaxing meant watching a television drama or a movie on your television set. These days the fast paced life demands for better connectivity with the rest of the world and today you need an Internet connection to perform almost all of these activities and much more. Whether it is staying in touch with families and friends abroad, or placing international calls watching movies streamed in HD online, meeting virtual friends online for games or even studying through video conferencing and group chats, the solution is a good speed Internet connection. And since most of these activities including office work are today performed in the vicinity of your home, what you are looking for is a Wi–fi connection.

Background on Wi-fi and the problem

A Wi–fi is a wireless connection that provides your electronic gadgets like laptops, desktops, mobiles, iPads, iPods, etc. with an Internet connection without actually using a cable cord to do so; the cable cord is obviated by use of a router. You can enjoy wireless connectivity anywhere in your house and yes, that includes the loo too. Commonly all members of a family whether at home or maybe even in a small business organization set up enjoy wireless facilities and settings for the use of Internet connectivity. This means a lot of gadgets and electronic machines are most of the time attached to this wireless technology and we don’t even realize the load that the wireless holds on. As a result, we face problems like poor speed limits, poor downloading limits, streaming problems, disruption in the Internet connectivity and a lot more.

New Wi-fi is on its way

It is not uncommon to hear people complaining about poor Internet and wi fi connection these days. Companies such as Google has already announced that they will launch a Gigabit Internet in the name of Gigabit Fiber. If it takes ages for your laptop or your mobile to connect to the Internet then possibly what you are facing is a bandwidth intensive activity. As a solution, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) are coming up with the biggest expansion in the wireless spectrum by introducing a high speed, high capacity Wi-fi called as the Gigabit Wi-fi. The news was applauded by blogs such as mashable when Julius Genachowski, the chairman of FCC, announced it during CES 2013. There is another report by Forbes about it. This will enable all those that can access to Gigabit Wi-fi to enjoy faster speeds and the capability to connect multiple devices to enable them to download lots of data on their personal network without interruption.

Who Is Going To Benefit?

This technology when launched successfully will benefit most places of gathering like conferences, hotels, airports etc. where most often connecting an electronic device with connectivity to the outer world becomes a pain in the neck.

“Today, the FCC is moving to bring increased speed and capacity to Wi-Fi networks by increasing the amount of unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi. As this spectrum comes on line, we expect it to relieve congested Wi-Fi networks at major hubs like convention centers and airports. It will also help in homes as tablets and smartphones proliferate and video use rises.” said Julius Genachowski.

All eyes are focused on the launch of Gigabit wi-fi that sounds promising to introduce us to a better era of networking and connectivity shrinking the world further and helping us all in future.



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