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Does Your T-Mobile Phone Sound Better Now?

Does Your T-Mobile Phone Sound Better Now?

Great news for the T-Mobile users! The leading US based network carrier has launched High Definition or HD Voice nationwide. There were some indications even before CES that T-Mobile was either testing or quietly deployed HD calling. revealed this at CES. The company is debatably the first wireless service provider in America to offer HD voice quality beating every other network carriers around. T-Mobile has assured that its HD Voice service will actually work to provide the user with noticeable improvement in the call quality. The benefit is applicable on the handsets of every major manufacturer be it a Nokia Astound or One S from HTC or Galaxy S3 by Samsung (even the ones you unlocked using our quick guide). It’s interesting to note that the HD voice facility would be also applicable for the iPhones.

“So What?” – T-Mobile users

So what is the plus point of the HD voice facility from T-Mobile? Well, as per the claims from the leading network carrier, their HD Voice service would dramatically improve the in-call voice standard and thus the call quality for the customers with smartphones. The customers here will have the facility to experience a better true-to-life voice standard which is fuller and more natural-sounding.

The good bit is that the company assures of lesser background sound from wind, crowd noise or street traffic while the user is on call.

“Neat, can I assume I am getting it?”

However, to enjoy the HD voice with T-mobile, both the caller and receiver should be using T-mobile capable 4G smartphones as otherwise it won’t be possible to enjoy the enriched voice quality. But according to reports, research is going on to integrate the HD voice with interoperability – yet as per the statement of Neville Ray, the T-Mobile CTO, the HD voice offer won’t be available with landline calls (you can get free landline phone though so why bother?).

This is not a bunch of Malarchy

T-Mobile has even provided a demonstration in support of its newly launched HD voice. The demonstration compared 2 phone calls from some noisy café location. In case of HD voice option, the background sound receded to a greater extent and the user’s voice actually jumped forward with a richer and more well-rounded tone- albeit it did not vanish completely. Yes, it’s true that AT&T also comes with HD voice and it also provided a demo which sounded better to that of T-Mobile but AT&T won’t be having HD voice service soon and the demo provided too was not a real live call.

What if your phone is old school?

T-Mobile is launching 3 mobiles that will have HD voice without any need of up gradation to avail the service. The great part is that as per the reports of the CTO of T-Mobile, the leading American wireless provider is soon to come with more numbers of phones with HD voice compatibility. The T-Mobile HD voice would be available with the company’s existing 3G services as well but would switch the voice encoders into Adaptive multi-Rate Wideband (AMR –WB) that comes with more improved sound quality in comparison to existing AMR.

In regards to the iPhone’s compatibility with the T-Mobile HD Voice, it has been claimed that T-Mobile is the 1st carrier to offer HD Voice service with the iPhones in the American market. The present iPhone model, i.e. iPhone 5 is compatible with AMR-WB which has the same HD Voice service codec used by T-Mobile. We, at CorVoIP,  hope that the introduction of services such as Bobsled and CleverConnect is an indication that T-Mobile is serious about its offering. Moreover, it has now many new MVNOs running off its network which means it is not going to go down anytime soon. However, you can always save money on phone bills by switching to the MVNOs.



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