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Cheap International Calls By PennyTalk

Cheap International Calls By PennyTalk

If you could always pick up your phone and place cheap international calls without the results being drastically economically depressing, that would be an ideal solution to turn this world into a Global Village via interplanetary communication. However, with the world shrinking into small rooms there is a great need felt to communicate with people who live in lands far away from our own. But, there are financial constraints that have to be considered before turning this desire into a reality. The hole in your pocket will be a reason enough for that one conversation to be your first and the last.

Do Cheap International Calls Require a Lot?

At the expense of making international calls it is very difficult to communicate effectively since the rates and charges of placing them is so high, most people simply cannot afford it. Management of VoIP requires such less efforts from a technological standpoint, that it should have already been done. However, recent technological advancements have at least made it possible for people to place cheap international calls to any part of the world by using technology at hand. Although, solutions such as Google Voice and ObiHai combo are good for calls within USA and Canada (and a few more destinations now) These days, there is a substitute available for long distance calls through telephone providers. You can use technological discoveries over the internet  to make international calls at really cheap prices so that you will never have to hesitate anymore before you place an international call to anywhere in the world. This is where Penny Talk comes into the picture.

PennyTalk: Cheap International Calls Provider

Penny Talk offers international calls at very cheap rates which have made it possible for all users to prefer them over their regular telephone networks (which anyways is dying) which charge them shark rates. One of the most popular and economical company is Penny Talk that offers astoundingly low rates and tariffs. The main purpose behind using Penny Talk is to reduce the amount of money that goes into making international calls and to cut down the telephone bills. You don’t have to hesitate anymore before making an international call and can save your pockets from burning.  Penny Talk is the word for today so start using it  to make instant calls to your favorite people in the world and start connecting economically now!

Click here to save money

Check out cool rates that offer you up to 80% and more savings on all your international calling bills and thereby keep your pockets warm. The table below shows the call rates from United States of America to other prominent countries

To From Landline Phones Mobile
India USA 1.8 Cents per minute 1.8 Cents per Minute
Pakistan USA 3 Cents per minute 9.9 cents per minute
Bangladesh USA 5 cents per minute 11 cents per minute
China USA 2 cents per minute 2 cents per minute
Afghanistan USA 25 cents per minute 29 cents per minute
Saudi Arabia USA 18 cents per minute 24 cents per minute

The above tariff rates clearly indicate how much you have to save on your international telephone bills by using Penny Talk. Cheap rates, good call quality and excellent service are promises that Penny Talk intends to keep and you only have to benefit and lose nothing from this association. Get your Penny Talk service today. For more information visit their website and for more information on the use of Penny Talk for commercial purposes take a sneak peek at their corporate website.



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  1. I like their rates for India and Pakistan. Especially Pakistan, as after the recent increase by Pak government, everyone seems to charge about 5 cents a minute.

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