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Free international calling by Rebtel for our readers-get $10 free credit

Free international calling by Rebtel for our readers-get $10 free credit

Update: Due to high demand of this offer, we have had as many as 400 registrations in a day, Rebtel has extended this offer for our readers for little longer. We will remove this update when the offer is dead. You can get this offer from this page now.

It is 4th of July today, the independence day of USA. If you are from USA, let us remember the martyrs who kicked the intruders out. In order to celebrated independent day we have something special for you. Rebtel is offering free $10 worth of international calling credit for all new customers. You need to register with them and purchase $10 worth of international calling credit with them. In other words, you get 100% bonus international calling credit when you spend $10. This is an offer you sure will love as Rebtel vouchers are not that common. This offer is only for our readers and if you are looking to recharge then click below.

click here for $10 bonus

Rebtel $10 free credit offer details

Here are the important details about this offer to give a brief summary of the international calling plan that you will get on registration:

  1. The bonus international calling offer is good for new customers only. If your phone number is already registered with Rebtel you cannot get this offer. You can always get a new Google Voice number if you do not want to give your mobile number to Rebtel.
  2. You will get $20 when you spend $10 on Rebtel.
  3. Your credit never expires: If you do not use your account for one year then your account will be considered inactive and your credit will expire. For instance, if you make a call on the 365th day, your account will stay active for one more year.
  4. Rebtel has the best call quality. You can make a free 5 minute call anywhere in the world to try Rebtel out. Rebtel anyways provides cheap international calls.

Already registered but never used Rebtel?

If you are one of those people who registered with Rebtel but never used it then this offer is tricky to get. As you have already registered your phone number with Rebtel, you cannot normally register with them again. What you can do is go for a Google Voice number and register your new account with that number. Once you account has been registered, you can then delete your real phone number from old account and add to this new account. This will let you make calls from your phone directly.

You can also download their app for smartphones and make calls and send texts from there without any other setup. Since the phone network is anyways dying, this is a good news that Rebtel will be there even after the death of phone network. You will be able to make calls from the app without the need to add your contacts. This offer will essentially reduce the already low prices of Rebtel. Go ahead and register with them.

Registered but did not get your bonus?

If you registered with Rebtel following our link but for some reason did not get your signup bonus please leave a comment. We can be the liaison for Rebtel as we have made some friends at Rebtel who will help us with such issues.

If you are going to register now make sure you take care of following things:

  • You should click on the link from this post.
  • Check that the text box for Voucher Code has the proper coupon code in it FREECALLSHUB100%
  • Make sure you buy the credit as soon as you register.
  • Report immediately if you do not get your bonus on first rechrage.

Hopefully, you will get your credit soon after following the above steps.



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