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Make Free Prank Calls to Your Friends

Make Free Prank Calls to Your Friends

Do you know what is prank call or sometimes called crank call, and which website on the internet can provide you with free prank call service nowadays? There are some similar services that you may find on the internet, but in my personal opinion, prankdial is one of the famous prank call service today with  various kinds of jokes variation that are mischievously different from other similar providers of prank calling. You may find a lot of various best quality practical jokes and pranks at prankdial that you may not find from any other prank call service. I recommend it for you if you want to take some trial to make some prank calls to someone. If you need a new phone number, remember that you can always fall back on Google Voice.

How to make Prank Calls for free

I think it is funny to do such things especially if you are stressed right now. If you are curious about what kind of service they offer to you, you can just visit their official website at But before we discuss about prank dial further, allow me to explain first about what is a prank call. I believe most of us haven’t known what is prank call actually. The meaning and definition of prank call is a form of practical joke done over the telephone.

Prank calls are generally done for the amusement of the pranksters at the cost of the victim mostly for the listening audience. Nowadays development of technologies such as iInternet has allowed many people to share their own personal prank call ideas and develop it into communities. Prank call can be carried out in many ways; live or pre-recorded. Although prank call communities are still relatively small-scale compared to FM stations that feature live pranks, but we can see that it is a growing community on the internet today and many new communities are developing all the time nowadays.

Prank Calls are fun but be responsible

You may find various kind of prank call from annoying hang-ups to false calls to emergency services or threats. Prank call that waste the time of emergency services are a criminal offense in most countries and are considered as a telephone harassment in the United States. But I see there are still many people still doing this kind of jokes. Please do not use the information contained in this post for such things.

If you and your friends like a little fun at each other, you can use use prankdial service to make some jokes on others and give them a good laugh. For some children and teenagers, making a prank call is just a part of growing up steps in their life. For adults, prank calling friends is a really fun way to keep in touch with people in a hilarious way. Be careful, you must know the limit about what kind of jokes is allowed and what kind of jokes are not allowed.

By knowing about this rules, you are playing safe while you are making prank call. Some kind of jokes can get you arrested in certain countries such as prank calling 911 or the police, calling in bomb threats, and threatening or harassing people.

For instance several years past, a boy was arrested by the FBI for “prank calling” bomb threats to North Carolina schools in order to shut them down for a day. So, as you see here that prank calls are fun, but you must always keep in mind to use your brain while you want to make some jokes.

Make Prank Calls using mobile application

Are you ready to make some prank calls now? You can begin your prank call by using prankdial service. The next question is how do you use PrankDial anyway? Is it simple or not. Well, all you need is just choosing any prank on the prankdial homepage or mobile application. There are a lot of prank call that you can choose from prankdial service. And the good news is you are able to preview the pranks before you send the prank call. Is it cool? You can also use the apps to make free phone calls for this purpose. We have already talked about services such as Google Voice using Talkatone Androip App, magicJack Plus, and netTalk among others.

Examples of prank calls you can make from PrankDial

I have gatherd some of the most popular pranks from prank dial. You can try one of them or you may choose the other pranks from their services. There are

  • “why you call my boyfriend” ,
  • “pizza delivery”,
  • “too stupid to drive”,
  • “why you call me”,
  • “credit card fraud”,
  • “where is Jared”,
  • “where’s my paper”,
  • “the bieber movie”,
  • “Indian Tech support”,
  • “why you call my girlfriend”, and so may other pranks.

Live prank calls vs. the recorded ones

You can try it one by one in prank dial if you are really curious about what kind of jokes are they. After you choose which want of pranks you want to use to make some a joke on somebody, then you just need to enter the number of the person you want to prank.

It is very simple and easy, isn’t it? If you left this blank and you don’t want to create it, the calling will be coming from an unknown number as default. You may choose to listen live or record the prank that you have order in prankdial. And you can also send the prank If you think it is awesome and hilarious.

You can share it on your favorite social network such as facebook or twitter. I really think that you are curious right now and your childish behaviour has waking up right now. If you don’t know what kind of prank call you want to do, you don’t need to worry.

By choosing and seeing some available pranks in prankdial, you will get some idea about what kind of prank you want to order and who are your victim that you want to make a joke on. Keep in mind that just do it as a fun and you must really know the limitation and don’t make somebody in a dangerous situation neither harm everybody either. So are you ready to make your prank call now?

Update: Mobile App by PrankDial

Prankdial has now started offering a smartphone app that can be downloaded to your Android smartphone and devices. You can now make prank calls right from your cell phone or any other Android based device.



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