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iTellVoip software free download for cheap international calls

iTellVoip software free download for cheap international calls

Do you want to know how to try cheap international calls? As you know, making an international call is very expensive. Although you might be using fixed line telephone or mobile phone, both will charge you with expensive call charges. Because of this reason, we believe every person is looking for some alternatives to Cheap International Calls. And the good news is that we will share one of the telecommunication provider which can offer you this service. It is a Voip service provider named iTellVoip. SO what is this Voip service provider iTellVoip’s service anyway? Well, before I tell you further about some of the services that they offer, I will tell you first about what is Voip and why it is the only alternative for cheap international calls nowadays.

iTellVoIP brings Cheap International Calls using VoIP

So what is Voip actually? Voip refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP technology is capable of passing voice traffic, video, and data in the form of packets over IP networks. In VoIP communications, one can make telephone calls via the user terminal to a PC or phone. The terminal will communicate with the gateway via local telephony. The relationship between the gateway through IP network. IP network can be any packet network, including ATM, FR, Internet, Intranet, or E1 line. Voip offers cheaper transport signal, an additional feature, and the transparency of computer data.

History of VoIP technology started from the discovery of the telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Then from the development of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) technology which has been developed until today. A few years later began to develop new technologies. Making Personal Computer (PC) in bulk, cellular telephone communication system and the last system on the internet that provide free e-mail, Chat and others. VoIP technology was introduced after the Internet began to develop around 1995.

At first, the ability to send voice over the Internet was just an experiment of some people or small companies. It started with companies like Vocaltech and then finally followed by Microsoft with its Netmeeting program. At that time the Internet computer network was still very slow. At that time every home at America was still using dial-up with the speed of 36.6 Kbyte.

Internet backbone was still small. Applications that are spent bandwidth, such as voice or video, is still very limited use in research centers that have large bandwidth. By using Voip to make a phone call, many advantages that can be taken. One of the advantages is the cost is certainly cheaper than traditional phone rates. Therefore it is not impossible to get cheap international calls using Voip. Because IP networks are global, so for international relations could be reduced by 70%. In addition, maintenance costs can be on tap for separate voice and data network, so the IP Phone can be added, moved and changed. This is because VoIP can be installed in any ethernet and IP address, unlike traditional phone must have its own port in Central or PBX.

iTellVoip to offer cheap international calls

Surely with the development of Voip technology today, you will find a lot of Voip service provider nowadays in the market. So which one is the best Voip Service Provider? I believe choosing one of the best of this provider is not as simple as choosing some fruits in the market. You must compare the advantages and disadvantages from one provider to another. And because it will spend your precious time so much, then I will recommend to you one of the best Voip Service Provider which I have personally used. It is a professional VoIP service provider without compromise in voice clarity and cheap international calls rate.

  1. high-performance of 24 core multi possessing technology including
  2. empowered hardware,
  3. a fast and stable network, and
  4. transparent offers with a remarkably good value for your money.

Do you know why I and most of the people choose them? Because it is claimed as the best VoIP cheap international calls solution with crystal clarity at very cheapest rate ever seen in the world. You can download it for samsung smartphones, or for PC and it is free to download. It is also very flexible for VoIP communication thanks to the features extended to multi sip client platform for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS, Symbain, Android etc. They really offer a multi platform for any different kind of users all over the world. Moreover, the Web-Dialer feature is very usable for traveling peoples because you don’t need to download any software for making international calls. All you have to do is just click on the Web-Dialer and you can begin your cheap international calls.

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  1. Hii guys, the site looks old not updated since 2011. I tried for almost 10 Mins but could not find the signup option. downloaded their dialer no option there as well.

    if you have any info on that let us know. The rates are v. good.

    thank you finding it.

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    my card is asking for delars code, i have only name and pass word, i am in saudi arabia, can anyone help me.

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  13. i bought itellvoip and used only one time about 5 minutes. Next time when i try it says invalid username or password. Username and password already on the itellvoip card and i typed exactly same.Therefore i am thinking that itellvoip company is not fair. I lost 7 euro due to my mistake to take itellvoip service

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