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Localphone Valentine Offer – get $5 extra in call credits

Localphone Valentine Offer voucher Code

Localphone is unequivocally one of the top Voip service providers. They have launched so many promotional offer that most of the active VoIP blogs have at least one post about localphone in their top list. Recently, the localphone’s offer for memorial day was a testimony that localphone cares for the cause and countries they serve. Over the course of our blogging we have developed a strong affiliation with Localphone. Thanks to Catherine Holley of Localphone for always coming up with great offers for CorVoIP.

We are glad to announce that this Valentine if you are away from your loved one, you can still be with them over phone without breaking your bank. Localphone has graciously offered 100% extra bonus for our readers. Also, don’t forget to invite your Valentine for sweets as well.

This offer brings you the following

  • 100% extra talktime (up to $5) on your purchase
  • No minimum purchase required
  • No expiration of credit
  • Offer ends with end of day this Wednesday, February 14, 2012
  • Visit this special page to register

The voucher code is FREECALLSHUB100 and it is good for your first purchase. You need not be a new customer but if you have already recharged your account this offer will not work for you. However, if you have another phone number you can get this offer for that number.

Call rates and free minutes with this offer

Localphone has the most competitive rates for its users. Following table lists the Localphone rates to various destinations and the last column is the free minutes that you will get extra on a $5 purchase. Lest we confuse you, the table shows 416 minutes to Australia for $5 and with this Localphone voucher you get extra $5 so effectively getting you 832 minutes for $5.

How to register for this offer

  1. In order to register visit the offer page
  2. Click on Sign me up for 100% bonus credit
  3. Sign up using your facebook account or enter your information
  4. Create your free account
  5. Click on Add Credit and during the topup enter the voucher code FREECALLSHUB100



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