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Unlimited* phone Calls to India for $11.99 per month by Voip service provider Simple Call

Unlimited calls to India by Simple CallIndia is one of the most popular destinations for Voip service providers. The testimony to this is the fact that there are a number of voip service providers that offer unlimited India calling packages. We have reviewed a few of such offers including Lingo’s hack to call India unlimited for $10.63 and also the newest Vonage’s $9.99 unlimited calls to India plan (For USA only). Today we introduce another unlimited India calling plan by SimpleCall for $11.99 per month. Simplecall has been around for quite some time and in fact we reviewed them at CorVoIP about the same time last year in this post where they offered 60 mnutes of free international phone calls.

Details of this offer

This offer provides you amonth of unlimited calls to both Indian Landline and Mobile numbers. You can make calls from one of the phone numbers registered as main phone number in your simplecall account. If you are a Simpelcall customer that uses Pins you can request customer support to add a registered number to use this offer. The features of this offer are:

  • Pin less dialing
  • Sign up is free – you can add credit to buy this offer or you can just refer friends to get free credit
  • No contract whatsoever
  • No extra fess or charges of any kind

This offer is capped at 2000 minutes, that is you will be able to make up to 2000 minutes for $11.90. If you use more than that than you will be charged 1 cent per minute for each extra minute. Your effective rate to India in this offer is about 0.6 cent – yes that is less than a cent.

The Good, the bad, and the Ugly

Good part:

  1. Credibility: Simple Call has been around for long time

  1. Customer support: Online customer support with live chat guarantees there will be someone if you face problems.

  1. Cheap calls: You can not go wrong with that

  1. Ways to Call: Supports calls from wifi and 3G over mobile, pc to phone calls, phone to phone calls, and SIP calls too.

Bad Part:

  1. One plan per account: You can only buy one plan per month per account

  1. Limited Access numbers: There are 2-3 access numbers per state. One might face a busy line problem.

  1. Online numbers: No support for numbers such as by Google Voice, thus customers outside USA are kind of out of luck.

Ugly part:

  1. Fair use policy: The plan is capped at 2000 minutes. This is not a truely unlimited plan.

  2. Rollover minutes: If you do not use your 2000 minutes you lose them.

If you still have questions this video might answer them. Visit their website to learn more. If you do not use that many minutes in a month you might want to go for a pay as you go plan. The best that we have as of today is IndiaLd’s 25 cent per call plan. If you do not make long lasting calls then you should go for IndiaLD’s 0.8 cent per minute calls to India.



About Mukesh Agarwal

Mukesh Agarwal is a VoIP enthusiast and a passionate blogger. He speaks at VoIP conferences worldwide advocating the advancement of VoIP technology to convert this world into a global village.


  1. This is not unlimited ? why u fool the people n waste ur & our time ?

  2. the above comment is from a smartass

  3. Dear Anony,

    We are sorry if the post sounds misleading. We put a big asterisk to warn our readers of the fact that there are strings attached there. Voip service providers usually have a cap on unlimited plans, for instance even Vonage has a cap of 3000 minutes.

    We have always given the correct information and will continue to do so. If you read through the analysis you will see that we have highlighted the fact that there is a cap on number of minutes. The effective rate after this is about 0.6 cents which is still a decent price if you make calls to India.

    Team – CorVoIP

  4. You can only make calls from one registered phone. You said calls can be made from as many phones as you want as long as its registered. This is not correct.

  5. Dear Anony,

    Thank you for correcting us. We have verified that you are correct. We have updated the article.

    Team – CorVoIP

  6. Where is the vonage 9.99$ unlimited post??

  7. If you follow the link you will see the $9.99 offer on their website. We haven't yet posted it.

    Team – CorVoIP

  8. i have used their services and its horrible. i am not able hear anything clear. there is always some kind of sounds which irritates me.

  9. Dear Anony,

    Thank you for your review. We are sure this information will come handy to our users.

    Team – CorVoIP

  10. Hi very poor customer service by simple call.

  11. quality is up to the standard with the cheapest rate, yet again 24/7 customer support is excellent things for any calling card company

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