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Make free phone calls to Pakistan using Rebtel and 100% bonus credit for our readers

Free calls to PakistanOur friends at Rebtel generously gave a 100% bonus phone call credit coupon recently, exclusively for our readers. To make that offer even better they are now offering 2 Million free phone call minutes to Pakistan. That is correct, if you want to make free calls to Pakistan, including free mobile calls to Pakistan, you can now do that without paying a single dime. If you haven’t tried Rebtel this is the best time to try it.

Free Phone Calls to Pakistan offer details

Since Pakistan is one of the rare destinations voip service providers usually do not give free calls to Pakistan, that is why this offer wins Rebtel some kudos points from us. The offer is valid till all 2 million minutes have been used. People at Rebtel believe that the offer will not expire at least during July. However, you do not need to wait. We would ask you to make this a double offer by combining it with our 100% free phone call credit offer. Your credit will ever expire and once the free calls are done you can use your double credit.

In order to get this offer follow these steps:

  1. Visit the exclusive CorVoIP’s page on Rebtel website
  2. Click on Accept the offer
  3. The Rebtel voucher code for this offer is corvoip100% if you do not see it automatically there just use it. (Valid from now till 1st of September).
  4. Alternatively, you can connect through Facebook.
  5. Click on Signup now and fill the rest of the information
  6. Buy at least $10 worth of credit and you will get $20 worth of talk time in your account.
  7. Add a contact in Pakistan

Once you have done that you can make free phone calls to Pakistan. Add as many contacts as you want and talk as much as you want. Your credit will not be used.We are sure you will love this offer. Remember that you have to call your friends in Pakistan on the imminent independence day. Better load up your account with some credits.



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