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3000 minutes of Free International Phone Calls per month for Orange customers in UK
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3000 minutes of Free International Phone Calls per month for Orange customers in UK

Free International calls for our readers in UK who are subscribers of Orange is now possible that too with your inclusive minutes plan. All you need to do is to send your mobile number as an email to and you will receive a personal access number. You can use that access number to make free international calls with a cap of 3000 minutes per month. There are no strings atached, there is no contract to be signed, and there are no ads to listen to. It is simply free international calling solution for people with Orange cell phones.

How to make free phone calls using Orange

To make calls using your access number follow these steps:

  • Call the access numbers and listen to the recorded voice message.

  • Press # key on your keypad

  • Enter your complete destination number in 00XXYYYYYYYYYY format (00-countrycode-phonenumber)

  • Press # after you entering the number.

Spam alert! Reader Beware

Please note that our team members from UK are enjoying their summer in great mountains of India. We, therefore, could not confirm anything more than that you get an access number. Please exercise caution as you send your phone number to someone. We researched on net and there is no official source confirming this but this apparently seems to be working. Please leave a comment if this works or even if it does not work for you.

This offer has been reported to be working for

  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • Iran,
  • Iraq,
  • USA,
  • Philippines,
  • UK

and almost all the countries in the world. If you find more information about this offer please let us know. We ourseleves are curious why are they providing this service, moreover how are they able to provide such service. This is absolutely crazy, we can not understand their business model. All in all, it appears to be too good to be true so you guys be very careful about your numbers. May be you have a number that you are going to stop using soon, so try with that number and if you start getting telemarketing offers do not use this offer anymore.



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Mukesh Agarwal is a VoIP enthusiast and a passionate blogger. He speaks at VoIP conferences worldwide advocating the advancement of VoIP technology to convert this world into a global village.


  1. Doesn't work any more..from 16th of august 20p per minute..

  2. Dear Anony,
    Thank you for this feedback.

    Team – CorVoIP

  3. Dear CorVoIP – update for you. There are new numbers from the above team Enjoy this free calling boon

  4. Dear Anony,
    Thank you very much for the updates. We are sure our readers will benefit from this news.
    Team – CorVoIP

  5. i tried emailing them few times but i haven't had a reply, are they fake, I need to call india from my vodafone mobile number.

    can anyone provide me with an access number plz.

  6. Dear Anony,

    This offer was only for a limited time and not available anymore. However, you can look around for other offers that will let you make free phone calls, such as the one by Pennytel is good till 8th January.

    Team – CorVoIP

  7. Dear CorVoIPs Team Good work – nice site

    Another update There are new numbers from the above team Enjoy this free calling boon again :)

  8. I got a number to call India on 3 Mobile in UK Thanks for the information free calls hubs


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. hi there,
    I actually tried and can make free calls back to my home in Malaysia thanks for this post, Many thanks. It is good to see there are websites that actually deliver on what they say. There are lot of fake websites but this is is real for sure, I have saved a lot of money on my mobile calling home

  11. Dear Readers,
    We are glad this offer is working again. This is a great way for people in UK to save some money. Thank you for your feedback.

    Team – CorVoIP

  12. this is a great site – i got a number from these guys and i can call india
    free on my vodaphone

  13. Thank you corvoip for telling us about this accessnumber people. They have saved me so much money calling India from UK. I can highly recommend the accessnumber. Thanks again.

  14. This is great news. Thank you. Please continue to update on new ways to call Pakistan

  15. Dear Readers,
    We are glad to be of help to so many of you. Thank you for your comments.

    Team – CorVoIP

  16. can someone please tell me what is free access number to call pakistan,
    its my email. thanks

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