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ALLVOI unlimited international phone calls at just $14.99 a month

ALLVOI unlimited international phone calls at just $14.99 a month

ALLVOI, an old VOIP service provider, is offering $14.99 per month for unlimited cheap international calls to over 65 countries, including India, Australia and UK. This is a better deal to make cheap phone calls than Vonage’s $14.99 promotion offer because the prices after first six month will be $19.99 only. Check out the results of Allvoi vs. Vonage comparison before you actually make the jump. There is no contract, which means you can terminate your service whenever you want. Additionally, there is no activation fee and you can opt for soft-phone option to make unlimited online calls. This will save you adapter cost ($9.95) and shipping charges ($12.95). If you join in the middle of the month you get prorated bill for that month.

“Excuse me, I was just looking at this website called and I was hoping you can tell me more about their latest post on Allvoi.”

“Sure, sir. How can I help you?”

“See, I’ve had this habit of registering for free offers using my 2357 fake ids, if they posted an offer for free 10 international minutes, that would get me enough free minutes for few months. I am now hoping to upgrade to something a little more convenient and less tedious…”

“Well, you are on the right page sir. AllVoi’s offer is so great that, to the best of my knowledge, people will consider switching from their other calling plans to this $14.99 per month promotion. It is very easy to use AllVOI. First you need to sign up for a residential ALL Home domestic or ALL Home International plan. Select your phone, your plan, your number, and complete the 911 emergency and activation process. Then, Install your ALLVOI Voip Phone, Phone Adapter or Softphone software. They have diagram for this step on their website. Once you are done with it, start making calls using ALLVOI Softphone on your PC (Requires Microphone & Speakers / Headset), your existing phone with our ALLVOI Phone Adapter like a Voip phone, or ALLVOI Net Phone. Start dialing local, long distance or international destinations. You can also find this and more information at ALLVOI’s promotion page

“That’s, uh… That’s great, I guess. But I was actually wondering if I can hear voice….”

“Voice quality, sir? Don’t worry. Allvoi is a big dog in this VOIP game and they have a god voice quality. Moreover, there are no contracts like Vonage, which allows you to terminate your service at any point. I , however, am of the opinion that you would never do that.”

“And, I’m sure that’s lovely. Just lovely. But can we hear voices not within the frequency range of 20 Hz to 14K Hz?”

“Um, isn’t that a range human can’t hear, sir?

“Yes, that is correct. That is how my mom speaks. Or I would rather say, that is how I talk to her spirit. So, can it do that?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I’m not sure this VOIP service is going to fit your, uh, very specific needs. Sir, where are you sir? Hey Lisa! did you see the guy I was talking to, a minute ago?”

“There was no one out there. I thought you were talking to yourself again.

“Thank you Lisa! Oh sir, you are back here. Good morning. What can I do for you?”



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Mukesh Agarwal is a VoIP enthusiast and a passionate blogger. He speaks at VoIP conferences worldwide advocating the advancement of VoIP technology to convert this world into a global village.


  1. This sure is funny. I like the creativity. Keep it up. I am a regular visitr 2 ur blog now onwards.

  2. Hi..
    I am big fan of, the Posts are very useful to make International calls.
    can you please tell Howmany minutes approximately ALLVOI and Vonage unlimited plans give..

  3. Dear Reader,
    Vonage usually offers 5000 minutes per month for residential plans. However, for a genuinely rare situation they might consider more usage as fair play too.
    AllVoi doesn;t say anything about their fair use policy. It should be at par with other provider which usually is around 2500.


  4. Hi,
    I was just going through Allvoi site, it looks like they had increased their prices for adapter and after 6 months it is $24.99 with out tax

  5. Allvoi restricts 300 minutes a day for their unlimited international calling

  6. Dear Soumick,
    You are right that there is a 300 minutes limit for a day. We are not sure if a person uses that much every day to talk. It's like 5 hours a day :)
    However, a restriction is a restriction and never appreciated, we hope Allvoi listens to this. We thank you for your feedback.

    Team – CorVoIP

  7. Does allvoi or vonage really know about what unlimited means? They should be sued for all this they are doing, telling public that they will be getting unlimited minutes and after that they are throwing restrictions on them.

  8. can i connect my fax machine to send and recieve fax to vonage or allaoi ?

  9. Look like they have also increased there price now. Not worth anymore

  10. Dear Ankur,

    Yes, Allvoi has increased their rates too. If you are looking for amonthly plan, right now Vonage has an offer where you get unlimited calls for 3 months for $14.99 and there is no contract. That way you can disconnect after 3 months. See more details of the plan at Vonage plan.
    Team – CorVoIP

  11. Hi,

    I am in Singapore so not sure can use this service.


  12. wtf, which one is better guys, yonage or allvoi?

  13. @Ankur,
    You can use this service from anywhere as long as you have broadband internet connection. This might, however, conflict with laws. Please check the laws of Singapore before you do this.
    Alvoi is a cheaper option with almost similar voice quality.

    Team – CorVoIP

  14. I went through Vonahge an Alvoi offers and I am going to try ALLVOI. I should win in the long run. Vonage is cheaper for the first 3 months, but goes to over $25 after that. With Allvoi I will be under $18 for unlimited calls to India forever.
    I called them couple of tomes allready to talk to ther CSRs and – they are OK. Not great, but Ok.
    I will let you know in couple of weeks about the quality of service.

  15. Hi i am in Canada , can i use your allvoi service near toronto

  16. Dear Anony,
    Since you can always use softphone or phone adapter by using only your broadband you can definitely use Allvoi for your needs. Hope that helps.

    Team – CorVoIP

  17. Earlier allvoi used to offer free adapter, and pay only s-h, but it seems to have changed now. Any such deals going on or any coupon to use to lower startup cost?

  18. i know we call the list of countries for free with the unlimited int'l plan. but my question is: what shows/doesn't show up on the bill?
    will i receive a bill for each phone number dialed? or only calls received? or just the total amount i owe??
    thanks in advance.

  19. Hi,
    Can you please let me know your feedback for Teleblend? I need to make calls to India unlimited and they do have a good offer but I got lot of bad feedbacks. Can you please confirm me about this VOIP?

    Mail me at

  20. Dear Anony,

    If you are talking about your phone bill from your phone service provider, there will be no details of your usage shown on that bill as these are not linked to each other. For the ALLVOI service we doubt that you will get any bill in mail. You can however check your usage details online. We request our users to correct if we are wrong here.

    Team – Free Calls hub

  21. Hi,

    How is ALLVOI call quality? I'm having trouble with VONAGE service. Thinking of trying ALLVOI, any comments?

  22. Dear Anony,

    Allvoi has a good voice quality, at par with Vonage.

    Team – CorVoIP

  23. It is sad that Vonage starts charging you a lot once u are signed on & the quality of calls is real bad.They now restrict the number of calls but keep saying unlimited & then threaten to charge more ………..this is really unfair.I am looking out for a better company than vonage but sad part is if the internet connection is not there, the phone also goes.want something without internet connection to play safe.I wish Vonage would not increase their rates & improve the quality of calls.They charge a lot for the quality of calls & don't let you make more than 3000 calls a month threatening to increase plan payment which is totally unfair.they charge way too much for the bad service.I would definitely not go with Vonage at all……..never use it again.

  24. Thats very true. Vonage sent me emails last month saying that i have exceeded 3000 mins and hav called on 32 international nos. (Which i counted and was actually 24 nos. ) and threatened tht either i disconnect or hav to switch to another costlier plan. I told them I wud reduce my usage. Now again they send me mail in Aug telling the same thing tht i need to switch plan or disconnect. Although i hav reduced call duration and the amount of number i call… I dont know wht do they hav to do with the amount of nos I call? Their motive is just to make ppl go for costlier plans. I'm definitely switching to some other voip provider this month.

  25. Vonage needs to be sued for advertising as unlimited calls and then threatening their customers like this later on. Although they charge higher rates than other voip providers, still they r greedy.

  26. can i use my fax machine with allvoi?

  27. I want to know the same – fax machine with allvoi possible?

  28. Dear Readers,

    Yes, you can use Allvoi to send faxes.

    Team – CorVoIP

  29. Hi,

    I have just heard about allvoi new plan for new comers which is unlimited 10$ for first 3 months. I want to know that since i donot have a fixed phone can i use my mobile for using it and will it effect the plan which i will take?

  30. Dear Anony,

    Yes, with Allvoi's all-mobile feature you can make calls from any phone by dialing in to your allvoi account. Moreover, you get a landline anyways with phone adapter that you can use as a home phone too.

    Team – CorVoIP

  31. Do not use allvoi, because the problem is with the customer service and the device will cost you money. We had to buy a device and now company is offering for free. In my case the device went bad and they asking me to purchase the device again for $50. If device goes bad aftre 90 day you are liable for buying the another device even if device had an manufacturing fault.

  32. Dear Anony,

    We have been hearing similar complaints from other users as well. Well, there are good alternatives to Allvoi now. You can try Google Voice home phone or even netTalk.

    Team – CorVoIP

  33. i am in canada how can i get this service

  34. Dear Reader,

    AllVoi is currently only available to residents of USA. However, if you have a contact who can buy one adapter for you, you can use it from your internet connection in Canada.

    Team – CorVoIP

  35. I have been using Vonage for last 1 year and recently they have switched my plan to a higher grade without my consent and the reason they give is I have crossed the 3000 min/Month limit. First of all I would like to tell is the service is poor as the call drops frequently and is often annoying. The sound quality is ok and not that good. I would not recommend any one to take this as they have the limit of 3000 min/month for international calls which sucks. They should send alerts about the usage atleast when you have availed 50% of the total time limit instead of blaming you about the over usage. the customer support is pathetic as they say we have no power and simply do not care what was the actual issue. I would urge all to find some other alternative and teach vonage a lesson. They shud be sued for not giving what they promise: unlimited calling. I will be happy when they go out of this business. GO AWAY VONAGE!

    • Dear Reader,

      We hear ya. It is frustrating when they advertise something as unlimited and then put a limit on the package. We believe that is the maximum they can support but then no one asks them to advertise their services as unlimited.

      Team – CorVoIP

  36. past two months from my phone to India landline phone is not connected…

  37. I had Allvoi for a month some time before (when it was $14.99), but they add so many hidden fees and the bill came up to 23$ at that time. I cancelled the service after 1 month itself.

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